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of course we buy antique clocks

Do your homework

Do some of your own research to become somewhat knowledgeable before you attempt to sell an antique. Be sure to evaluate the condition of the piece closely since that has a major impact on how much it will be worth. Remember, too, the price you see on eBay is more than what the dealer paid for it, so we will offer you a fair price, but we will be reselling it to make a profit as well.

we are all about antique machines, gumball, pinball, gum, fortune-telling

So why not sell it on ebay, yourself?

Selling locally saves you from paying fees to sell online, answering questions and collecting payments from buyers and all the hassles associated with packing and shipping. Worrying about items getting damaged in transit is also a consideration if they’re particularly fragile.
We pay a fair price immediately and take it away!

What do we want?

We're pretty eclectic. We buy stained glass, lamps, decorative pieces. We buy clocks from the 1840s to the 1970's. We love gumball machines, and other old penny arcade coin operated games and slot machines. We buy paintings and photographs, advertising signs, and other memorabilia.

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